CURING TOENAIL FUNGUS with essential oils

Experiences/Testimonials for ridding TOENAIL FUNGUS

Rob – I have had a fungus problem on my toe for years. I’ve tried prescription medicine for over 4 years to try to control it. But now, after only just over a month using essential oils, the problem seems to be gone. I used Melaleuca and Oregano dripped directly on the nail daily for two weeks. I then switched to Frankincense and Lemon for a week then back to the Melaleuca and Oregano. After about 6 weeks, the fungus seems to be completely gone. Try using 2x daily.

Pat – Even before Clear Skin I knew someone using Oregano with a bad toe fungus and his toe nail turned yellow, but he continued and was able to totally get rid of his nail fungus without losing the nail. Dr. Hill mentioned the nail will turn colors while healing. Janet – My husband and I are using Melaleuca for his toenail fungus and his toenail is growing out clear. In a few more weeks and it should be all the way out. There is some discoloration—don’t worry. We’ve put up with this toe fungus for years having previously been prescribed medications. A bit of discoloration for a short time is a small price to pay!

Dee: Combine Oregano,& Melaleuca in a glass bottle with a sprayer on it, for easy application. It may take 4-6 weeks, but you may see a difference in just 2 weeks Neal: Morning and night, I dropped one drop of oil at the free edge of the nail. I could feel/see some improvement in about 2 weeks. I used a variety of oils – Oregano, Melaleuca, Lemongrass, Clove, an On Guard blend – each for a week or two and just kept alternating from one to another. Within about a month, it was obvious that the new nail growth was attaching until finally they were entirely normal.At that point there was no sign of the fungus except when I stopped applying the oils for a few days and a slight itch would develop. However, applying an oil 3 or 4 times a week for a while it was finally gone completely. Use various oils and stay persistent. Good idea to put cotton balls laced with oils in shoes and boots to disinfect them too.

Frank – First Melaleuca, put one drop in the night on the nail, and the next day use one drop of Lavender. The explanation that I can give is: the Melaleuca is a powerful disinfectant and will kill nail fungus, Lavender is a tissue regenerator and this will enhance the regeneration of the nail. I have used it on many patients. Pat – To be more aggressive, you should clear you intestinal gut with the GX ASSIST doterra supplement. Order this, and check it out online.

Austin – You could also do foot baths with hot water, Epsom salts and Melaleuca. Rotate direct application between Oregano, Melaleuca, Lemon and Myrrh daily. I bet you’ll see a difference within a couple weeks. Natalie – Dr. Hill talks about fingernail and toe fungus being one of the key indicators of systemic yeast. So, he recommends a formula of 3 Oregano, 5 Melaleuca, 3-5 Lemon taken internally in a clear capsule (you have to make your own—empty capsules available at health stores or online @

FOOT BATHS: while you sit watching TV, pour ½ cup Epson Salt & 6 drops Melaleuca in warm water. Soak 30 min. Do 3x/week. 1-2 drops each Melaleuca and Oregano oils dripped on the nail-bed and toenail edge before bed and in morning before putting on shoes. Watch for some change. You can alternate daily between Mel. & Oregano with OnGuard blend dripped on toes.

If you get itchy toes, use Lavender dripped on toenail alternate days with any of the oils mentioned above. Put the oils on a cotton ball and place in shoes/boots COST: Melaleuca $25.33 retail, or $19 wholesale, Oregano $32 r or $24 wh; Lavender $28r or $21wh; OnGuard blend$42.67r/ or $32 wh; TOTAL $96 WHOLESALE will have to include shipping & taxes. You can become a wholesale customer and save 25% the 25% or a Preferred Customer and save 20%. It’s like a Costco membership.

TO MY DOTERRA WEBSITE  let me know if you have questions. SEE POST ON DETOXING: Use the GX Assist/PB Assist protocol monthly (or more often to start with): · 1-3 GX Assist capsules daily with meals for 10 days · Follow with probiotic PB Assist — A doTERRA protocol.If the fungus doesn’t go away or show signs of improvement, that means you need to take something internally, with a serious diet eliminating yeast and acidic foods.

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